Supporting recruitment and promotion decisions

Used effectively, full psychological profiles can provide a range of benefits that promote retention and amount to real cost-savings, including:

  • Increasing the accuracy of selection methods
  • Providing objectivity and reducing the guesswork in recruitment or promotion decisions
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of a person’s intellectual abilities, aptitudes, likely behaviour, and personality
  • Reducing conflict through promoting understanding of interpersonal preferences
  • Providing insight to managing a person effectively and harnessing his/her talents
  • Assisting with career progression decisions and defining career paths
  • Optimising team development and structure
  • Helping to select candidates that provide cultural ‘fit’ or add perspectives or skills that would otherwise be absent from a team
  • Aiding with retention management


Examples Of Testing That Can Be Tailored To Your Needs:

  • General Mental Aptitude
  • Behaviour / Personality
  • Sales Ability
  • Mechanical Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Numerical Estimation
  • Decision Making & Critical Thinking
  • Team Roles
  • Clerical or Administrative Skills
  • General Work Skills
  • And more…


Features Of Full Psychological Profiles:

  • Tailored to provide detailed information you need in regard to specific role requirements
  • Give a detailed assessment of a person’s likely approach and behaviour in comparison to a role’s core competencies
  • Include easy to understand graphical comparisons and explanations of intellectual ability, aptitudes, behaviour and personality with reference to relevant populations
  • Provide a summary of strengths, areas for development and team fit assessment
  • Give advice around performance management and retention
  • Identify areas for follow-up through a further interview or reference checking.

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