An Effective, Efficient Human Resource Solution

In a competitive and demanding business environment, many organisations are seeking new ways to manage more effectively and economically. Supplementing the full-time workforce with interim executives and contract staff can be an ideal way to keep costs down while resourcing your organisation with quality personnel.

Key Advantages
The benefits of using contract staff go far beyond the obvious economic issues.

High Calibre, Specialist Staff: Contract staff can be selected to suit the job at hand perfectly. They are experienced, skilled practitioners, able to quickly adapt to a new environment and respond effectively to your exact requirements.

Less Administration: As contract staff are employees of The Archway Group, we take care of all payroll administration, tax, workers’ compensation, superannuation, holiday and sick leave. We also maintain regular contact to monitor their performance and progress.

Flexibility: Contract staff allow you to solve staffing fluctuations easily and economically without the high cost of, or obligation to, permanent staff. The length of contract can be extended or reduced according to your need.

Increased Opportunities: Contract staff supplement existing management resources, are committed to deadlines and bring fresh ideas.
Increased Project Management Capabilities: When projects are identified yet the people resources are not available, contract staff can assist you manage these projects far more efficiently without adding to your overheads. Special projects become more viable through a temporary resource that does not need absorption into the business on project completion.

New Revenue Streams: New revenue channels can be introduced through new skill sets. Take, for example, a situation where your market intelligence identifies a need that could drive a new revenue source, but your current structure is not equipped or skilled for this opportunity. The introduction of a new skill set through contract staff may be able to capitalise on this potential and provide an ideal way to test potential new revenue channels.


Quality Contractors Across All Executive & White Collar Disciplines

  • Interim Executives
  • Accounting, Bookkeeping & Credit
  • Finance/Banking
  • Marketing
  • Sales – internal & external
  • Merchandising
  • Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources/Industrial Relations
  • Reception, Clerical & Office Support

Want to know more?

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