Providing empathy, support, guidance and a positive way forward

Although most redundancy programs are planned well in advance, we recognise it is a process that can be very difficult and emotional for all involved. However, establishing the right mechanisms and providing a proven Career Transition Program can lead to successful career continuation for those whose positions are being made redundant.

Outplacement Programs

Our Outplacement Programs are tailored around specific needs and focus on both the company and the employees directly affected by retrenchment. Our objective is to ensure that the process is carried out positively and with the least disruption to your business environment.

We will ensure that:

  • Morale is maintained with existing employees
  • Those staff members whose positions are being made redundant are provided with professional, well-structured and empathetic support
  • Your Management is viewed positively
  • The external business environment is protected


Career Transition Program

We also provide a Career Transition Program for retrenched staff. Our objective with this comprehensive program is to develop a joint plan of action that will result in successful career continuation. Our commitment is to provide professional, supportive counselling through a program that is logical, easy to absorb and highly effective.

The Career Transition Program ensures that retrenched staff members gain:

  • A clear appreciation of their skills, attributes and accomplishments
  • A strong platform from which to make sound career decisions
  • Restored self-confidence
  • A competitive edge in the marketplace.

Want to know more?

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